Leon Rosenberg

Java, OpenSource and DevOps Evangelist, Consultant, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Father. Not necessary in this order.


  • High scaleable, high perfromance java application architecture, especially B2C portals
  • Live/Production application management, live problem solving
  • Java Development :-)
  • Opensource development
  • Teaching the obvious and the lesser obvious
  • Understanding agile, practicing DevOps

Professional record

2007 - now Architect, Lead Developer, Founder, Anotheria.net (later anotheria solutions GmbH), Hamburg - Kiev

Building portals, writing opensource software, building up a company from zero to 35 employees (Mai 2013). The usual stuff.

2009 - 2012 Architect, DevOps, Consultant, Parship GmbH (Freelancer)

My engagement with Parship had two faces. As a consulter I was responsible for two things, first) setting up internal technology department and make it fly, and second) design new soa architecture for parship for the scaleability requirements of tomorrow, and escort the team on the way. 3 Years later, both goals are achieved, Parship has a state of the Art pure SOA Architecture and a great development team.

With my anotheria cap on, I was responsible for coordination between an outsourcing team and the in-house team. This included architectural coordination, common standarts, scrum of scrums synchronisation, and so on.

2008 - 2010 Architect, DevOps, Consultant, c-date.de (Freelancer)

Building up a new portal, architectural lead, first to be on call, building up external and, later, internal team, consulting the teams, handing over to internal team.

2007 - 2009 Architect, Lead Developer, Consultant, FriendScout 24 GmbH, Munich (Freelancer)

Doing basically all the same things as 2004-2007, but a bit differently.

2007 - 2007 Architect, Lead Developer, Devops, Consultant, Loyalty Partner GmbH (Payback) (Freelancer)
Loyalty Partner is the expert in customer management. LP operates PAYBACK, the biggest and most successful bonus program in Germany, with partners such as Galeria Kaufhof, dm-drogerie markt, real,- and WMF. With a small team of freelancers we developed an online version of the payback card (payback toolbar) including toolbars for Internet Explorer and Firefox. My part was the definition of the server architecture, implementation of core server parts including installation management, on site cms, peformance and error monitoring, build and content deploy processes, as well as large parts of the server side business logic and dao layer
2004 - 2007 Architect, Lead Developer, Team Lead, FriendScout 24 GmbH, Munich (Freelancer)
FriendScout24 is the leading dating platform in the german market. With 2.7 million profiles in the database, huge amount of concurrent online users (NDA) and over 150 millions PIs, the platform has extremely high requirements to the system architecture, scalability and reliability. Since the previous version of the platform had reached it limits, my task was to design and develop a new platform without scalability limits, which had to serve factor 5 users on same amount of hardware. This platform was launched at November 7, 2004 and has proven to be a success story (increased performance, increased reliability, increased customer satisfaction, increased conversion rate after all). After the launch I kept on working for the company, implementing critical projects, like payment or internationalization. More details on request.
Update 2013: As far as I know the architecture we launched 2004 is still operated by FriendScout
2002 - 2003 Architect, Lead Developer, Founder, BeagleSoft GmbH, Berlin.
All projects were realized for RedBull GmbH, Austria.
  • SiteDB - a web application for management of different sites, scanner for site connectivity and access statistics center for the RedBull intranet.
  • GMW - An entertainment portal for redbull's athletes and events presentation with a mix of editorial and user generated (personal and team pages, weblogs, galleries) content, plus a set of content functions, interaction possibilities and communications (embedded instant messaging, chat, boards)
  • GMWTV - A broadband video-streaming platform.
  • Microsites - A framework of content templates for generation and management of up to 200 small event-based microsites.
2000 - 2001 Architect and Head of Software development, EquityScope AG, Berlin.

Building the first investor relations platform in germany. Succeeding technically but failing marketing-wise totally. The usual .com story.

1999 - 1999 Java Developer (Research) @ Fokus GMD, Berlin

Implementation of COS Event Service for Jonathan (ORB). Design and prototype implementation of CORBA Open Groups Service. Payed research job accompanying the studies.

1998 - 1999 Lead Developer C++ @ D2C, Berlin Development of an Internet Access Router on base of an isdn telephone system (hardware) with following features: automatic dial-in with PPP, routing, nat - masquerading, remote update, TCP/UDP/IP/ARP/ICMP support, HTTP, DNS and DHCP server. Multitasking-able operation system and memory management.
1997 - 1998 Java Developer @ DAI Lab TU-Berlin.

First Java Contact. JavaTon – a project for T-Online, Darmstadt, Germany. Implementation of T-Online Client in Java. My parts: Development of CEPT stream parser in T-Online BTX communication stack. Development of CEPT / BTX Terminal.

1993-1996 ByteMeUp!, MsAccess Developer, Freelancer


Leon Rosenberg


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